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The Imagination Station

Highest quality, hand painted, sustainably sourced wooden toys… If you can imagine it, I’ll do my best to create it. All my pegs are CE safety tested. Send me a message via either of the links below and let’s see what we can come up with!
The foremost aim of this site is to inform and reassure people about Hemp and CBD oil products. Particularly as it is now legal to purchase and use the wide range of products in the UK as a medicinal supplement. The contents of the site are aimed at anyone really, with an interest in Medical Cannabis
We assume no prior knowledge and encourage you to make use of all the information in with the hope that you will have a good grasp of: 
  • What Cannabis is
  • What its properties are
  • What the useful indications are for using it 
  • The indications that need more evidence
  • Some idea of the range of both short and long term side effects
  • The contraindications to use by some individuals
  • And, some idea about drug interactions and dosage
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