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New Range of Summer Sweets coming soon

It's Time to Get Your Tastebuds Excited

Nearly Everyone Enjoys sweets, Candy or Chocolates. It’s a Known Fact That They Can Enhance a Persons Mood, Or Trigger a Memory From The Past. The main thing is that they can be a wonderful treat for young and not so young

CORONAVIRUS INFORMATION: Due to the current pandemic, extra precautions are being made to ensure the safety of staff and all our customers. All jars are made in a deep cleaned and safe environment, gloves and a face mask are worn at all times during the jar filling process. All jars are thoroughly cleaned before filling and wiped with antibacterial wipes before being placed into postal boxes, to not only ensure minimal cross-contamination also to ensure all safety procedures are taken to maximise all safety between Sweet-Topia and all receiving customers.

Dietery Specials


All allergies must be specified at check out, we are not responsible for this being missed at check out.
We take allergies very serious and will always ensure cross contamination is at minimal level if anything, none.

We can provide Vegan, Vegetarian and Halal sweets for allergy customers. All allergy orders will have specific stickers to highlight what jar is suited.

Many people have dietery restrictions and we try to cater for all requirements. All products come with an ingredients list. This is to ensure that our customers are aware of any ingredients that may cause a negative reaction, such as : –


Hygiene is of course paramount.

To ensure this and the overall quality of our products. Gloves are worn whenever our products are handled.

All surfaces are cleaned thoroughly with antibacterial spray.
All products and wrappings/containers are kept in a specific cupboard that is secure and hygenic.


These are customised jars and sweets. So,for example Disney, for The Little Mermaid these can consist of blue & red colours with sea themed sweets.


Other additional sweet items that are available are sweet bags and little boxes. These can be requested to be made for weddings, baby showers and so forth.

Themed Jars and Boxes

Other additional sweet items

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